Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics
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09.06.2021 at the general seminar of Institute be helds the report of the chief scientific employee of the department of the “Differential equation”, d.m.s., prof. Ziyatkhan Seyfaddin oglu Aliyev on the theme “On the convergence of eigenfunction  expansions for a fourth-order differential operator with a spectral parameter in the boundary conditions”.

The report presents a spectral problem for ordinary differential equations of fourth order with a spectral parameter in the boundary conditions, which arise when describing bending vibrations of a homogeneous rod, in the cross sections of which a longitudinal force acts, the left end of which is fixed, and an inertial load is concentrated at the right end. Information will be provided on the oscillatory properties of eigenfunctions and their derivatives, on refined asymptotic formulas for eigenvalues ​​and eigenfunctions, on basis properties and uniform convergence of subsystems of eigenfunctions of this problem.

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