Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics
Azerbaijan National Academy of Science

Department of “Applied mathematics”


Head of the department: Gabil Garibkhan oglu Aliyev
Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences, professor
Tel: (012) 594-61-73
Number of employees: 5
The basic scientific direction of the department: Investigation of wave propagation process in deformable solids. Impact and failure problems. Elaboration of new solution methods.
The obtained basic scientific results:- At medical diagnostics, choice of the poisoning degree estimation, and choice of the algorithm of treatment on the basis of statistical model.  On the first problem, a mechanism of interaction forces between the structural elements of the composite, that allows to reveal new mechanical effects in composite materials was shown. Refined basic conjectures of the mechanics of rein forced bodies and composite materials were suggested. On their base, the theory of strength, stability and vibration of multi-layer reinforced thick-shelled pipes and thin-walled shells were created. The scientific-engineering problem: theoretical bases of design of flexible non-metallic pipes on the base of fibrons structures and their application was worked out on this basis.
On the first problem there were published 100 scientific works, among them 7 monographs (6 of them abroad); 17 international patents in 8 leading countries (USA, England, France, Germany, Italy, Sveden, Japan, India), and also 30 certificates of authorship.
On the second problem, theory of strength of laminated and reinforced structures made of polymer materials with regard to changeability of physico-chemical properties, was developed.  An experimental-theoretical method on definition of physical-mechanical properties of polymers composite materials and also polymerized bundles made of fibres with regard to change of physico-chemical properties of the material is suggested. On this basis, Hooke’s generalized law with regard to changeability of physico-chemical properties of a polymeric material was suggested; a criterion on adhesive strength of laminated and sandwich-reinforced pipes with regard to physico-chemical changeability of the constructions layers, is suggested; a stability criterion of one-dimensional structural elements with regard to swelling effects of materials is suggested. New mechanical effects have been revealed: changeability of mass force of a polymer material with regard to swelling effect of the material; bulging of bars under the action of only swelling effect of the material; mechanical effect-the dependence of joint deformability of some polymer materials on the character of layers swelling was established experimentally and theoretically.
On the second problem there published 4 monographs (2 of them in the USA and Turkey); 15 papers includinq 5, abroad (2 in the USA, 1 in Russia, 2 in Turkey).
On the third problem, mechanism of change of electromagnetic properties in chemically changing media was studied. Mathematical dependence of electromagnetic characteristics  (ε, μ, λ) on the character of chemical changeability of two- component liquid was established. Maxwells generalized eduation, i.e. the equation of electromagnetic waves propagation in chemically changeable media was suggested.
On the third problem there were published 2 papers, one of them in Turkey.

At medical diagnostics, choice of the poisoning degree estimation, and choice of the algorithm of treatment on the basis of statistical model.

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