Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics
Azerbaijan National Academy of Science

Department of “Theory of elasticity and plasticity”


Head of the department: Vaqif Camal oglu Hajiyev
Doctor of physico mathematical sciences, professor
Tel: (+994 12) 3238933
Number of employees: 10
Basic Scientific Direction of the Department The basic scientific directions of the department are connected with theory of strength, vibrations and stability of thin-shelled constructions, plates, shells, membranes at large deformations.
The obtained Main Results Theory of stability of elastic plastic structural elements having initial stresses was worked out. Main relations were obtained and stability equations were deduced.Theory of stability of beams, plates and shells made of different resisting materials was constructed. Numerical problems were solved.

Effective theory of stability under complex loading was worked out. Concrete problems were solved.

The method of stability analysis and vibration of orthotropic inhomogeneous plates and shells with regard to influence of different kinds of foundation was constructed

A method for construction of plane beams and annular membranes at large deformation conditions was constructed. The presupposed contour is a closed profile having absolute flexibility. In a number of cases under certain conditions the analytic equations in parametric form are obtained

The solutions method based around the theory of continuum was elaborated. In particular, the important problems on stability of bars, plates and shells made of viscoelastic materials were solved. The difference methods were generated.

Theory of composite plastic plates and shells was constructed. Optimization problem for annular and circular plates were investigated in detail.

The investigation of propagation of no stationary waves in rectangular prism and cylinders

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