Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics
Azerbaijan National Academy of Science

Academician Ibrahim Ibish oglu Ibrahimov


Academician Ibrahim Ibish oglu Ibrahimov is the first Azerbaijanian scientist earning the candidate of science degree in the field of mathematics in Azerbaijan. By studying the completeness of some systems formed by analytic function, he has get classic results in mathematical analysis sphere. He had close relations with the famous mathematicians in the field of constructive theory of functions M.V. Keldysh, S.N. Bernstein, S.M. Nikolskii, A.O. Gelfond, M.A. Lavrentyev, etc.
Acad. I.Ibrahimov has authored over 170 scientific papers, several monographs and texbooks. He has great merits in teaching and organization of higher mathematics in higher education schools. He has published the books ” Principles of theory of numbers” in 1955, “Principles of theory of series” in 1957, “Course of mathematical Analysis” in 1962. In 1950-1952 he has translated into Azerbaijan K. Rose and I. Privalov’s book in two parts “Differential calculus” written for higher educational schools.
Ibrahim Ibrahimov has important results appreciated by the world known scientists in the fields of approximation, interpolation, entire functions. He has constructed new interpolations, has given convergence criteria for them and solved the two-point problem.
Acad. I. Ibrahimov has supervised over 40 candidate of sciences and 4 doctors of sciences in different fields of mathematical analysis and teaching technique of mathematics.
Acad. I. Ibrahimov was director of the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of ANAS, President of Azerbaijan Mathematical Society. Acad. I. Ibrahimov was awarded to honorable title of honoured science worker and State prize.

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