Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics
Azerbaijan National Academy of Science

Corresponding-member Javadov Mais Gabib oglu


Specialist in the field of theory of non­-self-conjugate differential operators.
Was born in Baskal village of Ismailli province, Republic of Azerbaijan.
He was a post graduate student at MSU after V.M. Lomonosov in Moscow.
In 1958 he defended his thesis for Candidate of Sciences (Ph.D.) degree on the theme: «Investigation of the mixed problems in the class of generalized func­tions» under supervision of academician Z.I. Khalilov in Baku.
In 1966 he defended his thesis for Doctor of Sciences degree.
In 1952 he began his creative activity at the Institute of Physics and mathe­matics of AS of Azerbaijan. After graduating from a post graduate school he came back to IMM NAS of Azerbaijan, where he worked till 1969, at first as senior researcher, and then as a head of the department. From 1969 he begins to work at Azerbaijan Pedagogical University. In 1989 he was elected as corresponding-member of NAS of Azerbaijan. He awar­ded with order «Distinguished labour» and in 1982 Honou­red Science worker was conferred upon him.
His scientific results have been published in 48 articles, 30 of them – without coauthors, 17-otside the republic.
In 1964 he took a part in П1 congress of mathematicians, and then in International scientific congress of mathe­maticians in Moscow (1966), Bulgaria (1967). He took part in professional scientific business trips to GDR, Birming­ham, and Drezden.
Supervised 9 PhD disertations.
Mais Habib oglu Javadov passed way on Eptember 28, 1992.

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