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Corresponding-member of ANAS Maksud Alisimran oglu Javadov


Corresponding-member of Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences Maksud Alisimran oglu Javadov has graduated in 1930 Azerbaijan (Baku) State University’s physics mathematics faculty. In 1930-1934 he has worked at “Higher Mathematics” chair of Azerbaijan State Oil Academy. In 1934 he was invited to Azerbaijan (Baku) State University and began to work as an associate professor. From 1938 he has been at the head of the chair of Geometry, 1943-1944 the dean of physics-mathematics faculty, in 1944-1952 prorector of University in studies.
M.A. Javadov earned his PhD degree in 1940 on the theme “Homeometric systems”, in 1957 doctor’s degree on “Geometries over algebras and their application in real geometries”.
He had great merits in development of teaching technique of mathematics in Azerbaijan. Over 30 years he had been at the head of Mathematics section of scientific methodical Council of the Ministry of Education.
He had also great merits in creation of training aids in the Azerbaijan language. M.A. Javadov’s 10 books published in the Azerbaijan language for higher schools are read with great interest by students even today. The books “Linear and quadratic forms”, “Elements of group theory” (with acad. of Ukr. AS Y.V. Lopatinskii), “Vectors calculus”, “Structure of Geometry course”, “Affine and projective transformations in Analytic Geometry Course”, “Famous russian scientist N.I. Lobachevskii” are among them.
For his valuable works and interesting scientific results, M. Javadov in 1962 was elected a corresponding-member of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan.
M. Javadov has taken an active part in social-political life of the Republic. Several times he was selected a deputy to Baku and region soviets.
In 1943 he was honoured with the title “Honoured Science worker of Azerbaijan”. M. Javadov was awarded the Lenin order, the highest prize of the USSR period, and two times the Red Banner of Labour and the Badge of Honor medals.

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