Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics
Azerbaijan National Academy of Science

Aliev Soltan Ali

The list of publications at the 5 years published

1.On asymptotic behavior of conditional probability of crossing the nonlinear boundary by perturbed random walk, Theory of Stochastic processes, 17(34),2011, p.5-11(həmmüəlliflər F.Rəhimov,M.Navidi)

2.Limit theorems and transitional phenomen in the theory of branching processes. Mathematical Studies, Monograph Series, V.XIV, VNTL Publishers, 2010, 256 p (həmmüəlliflər Y.I.Yeleyko, I.B.Bazylevych)

3.Asymptotic behavior of conditional probability of the nonlinear boundary crossing by a random walk, Theory of Stochastic processes, 16(32),2010, №1, p.12-17(həmmüəlliflər T.Hashimova)

4.Improved Modeling for Prediction of Water Transmission Failure Nova Science Publications, USA, 2010, p28-36. (həmmüəlliflər K.H.Asli, F.B.Nagiyev)

5.Improved modeling for pressure drop in microtubes, Pakistan journal of scientific and Industrial research, vol.55, №1, 2012, p.36-42  (həmmüəlliflər K.H.Asli, F.B.Nagiyev, A.K.Haghi)

6.A numerical study on heat transfer in microtubes, Journ. of the Balkan Tribologicla Association, v. 16,  №1, 2010, p.9-19 (həmmüəlliflər Asli K.H., Nagiyev F.B., Haghi A.K.)

7.Improved Modeling for prediction of water transmission failure? Novo Science Publications, USA, 2010, p.28-36 (həmmüəlliflər Asli K.H., Nagiyev F.B.)

8.Modeling of fluid interaction prodused by water hammer, Int. Journ. Of Chemo informatics and chemical Engineering, USA, v.1, №1, 2011, p.29-41. (həmmüəlliflər Asli K.H., Nagiyev F.B., Haghi A.K.)

9.Mathematical Concepts for mechanical engineering design, Apple Academic Press, USA, 223p., 2014. (həmmüəlliflər K.H.Asli, Sahleh H.)

10.Applied Research in Hydraulics and Heat Flow, Apple Academic Press, USA, 2014, 364 p. (həmmüəllif Kaveh H.A.)

11.Flued mechanics and heat transfer. Apple Academic Press, USA, 2015,234p. Aslı K.H.

  1. İnteqral limit theorems for the first passage time of the Markov chain dor level and their applications.// İnternational Journal of modern trends in engineering and research, V.3, İssue 3; 2016, p. 526-532. Rustamov Y.İ.
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