Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics
Azerbaijan National Academy of Science

Ismayilov Vugar Elman

Basic scientific achievements

1) Necessary and sufficient conditions for the representation of multivariate functions by linear combinations of ridge functions were obtained;

2) A Chebyshev type theorem was proved for sums of ridge functions to be extremal to a given continuous function;

3) Explicit formulas for an exact computation of the approximation error and construction of best approximating function were obtained in problems of approximation of multivariate functions by ridge functions and univariate functions in both continuous and square-integrable metrics;

4) It was shown that if each continuous function defined on a compact Hausdorff space is represented by linear superpositions, then all functions on this space possess such representation;

5) The problem of multivariate approximation theory associated with Golomb’s theorem was solved.

The list of publications at the 5 years published

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