Today is the International Day of Mathematics

March 14 is International Mathematics Day.

Taking into account the contribution of mathematics to the global challenges that the world population seeks to address – climate change, biodiversity loss prevention, food needs forecasting, and sustainable development goals in light of global population growth, UNESCO appealed the International Mathematical Union UNESCO to hold International Mathematics Day.

At the 40th session of the UNESCO General Assembly hold on November 26, 2019, in Paris it was decided to mark the International Math Day on March 14 each year.

The relevant resolution of UNESCO General Assembly called the member states, as well as intergovernmental organizations, research centers, civil society organizations, universities, etc. to celebrate this day in the most appropriate form and using the possibilities of the International Mathematics Day to implement new innovative projects with the aim of enhancing the potential of mathematics in the member states.

According to Turkish professor Betul Tanbay, a member of the board of the International Mathematical Union, as well as a member of the International Mathematics Day project, the main focus of this event is to convey the importance of all sciences to the world community and its role in the development of modern science. “This important date, which is celebrated as an official holiday for the first time this year, will be remembered by numerous events on math”, said the scientist.

Note that since this year, March 14, is Saturday, UNESCO will hold events dedicated to International Math Day, on March 13.

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