Azərbaycan Respublikası Elm və Təhsil Nazirliyi
Riyaziyyat və Mexanika İnstitutu


  1. Congratulations to Nina Khudaverdiyeva, chief economist at the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, on the 70th anniversary!
  2. Congratulations to the 60th Anniversary of doctor of phys. math. sci. Associate Professor Telman Gasimov!
  3. We congratulate Geylani Panahov, the head of the department of fluid and gas mechanics, corresponding-member of ANAS on the 65th anniversary!
  4. Congratulations to a leading research associate of the “Applied Mathematics” department, Philosophy doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Irada Mirzazadeh on the occasion of her 55 years
  5. Congratulations on the 90th anniversary of the leading research associate of the Department of Elasticity and Plasticity, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate prof. Khasay Musayev!
  6. Congratulations to the leading scientist, ass. professor of the Institute Mathematics and Mechanics Tamilla Zeynalova on the age of 75!
  7. We congratulate Leading Research ass. of Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, Ph.D. Gulshan Agayeva on the age of 65!
  8. The outstanding scientist, unforgettable teacher Azad Mirzazhanzade is 90th
  9. Congratulations to the head of the library of ANAS Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics Halida Yagubova on the age of 70!
  10. World-renowned physicist Lev Landau is 110 years old
  11. We congratulate Nadir Suleymanov on the occasion of his 85-th birthday
  12. The International Conference “Modern problems of Mathematics and Mechanics” devoted to the 80 anniversary of acad. Akif Gadjiev, ended
  13. Today, at the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of ANAS, the international Conference “Modern Problems of Mathematics and Mechanics”, dedicated to 80 th anniversary of the mathematician scientist, honored scientist, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, academician, vice-president of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, academician-secretary of the Physics, Mathematics and Technical Sciences Department Akif Gadjiev was held
  14. 100th anniversary of outstanding scientist, humanist, corresponding member of ANAS Goshgar Ahmedov
  15. Academician Ashraf Huseynov’s 110-th anniversary
  16. Corresponding member of ANAS Vagif Guliyev is 60
  17. We congratulate the scientific Secretary of the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics Tamilla Hasanova on the occasion of her 65 years

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