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Xalida_Yaqubova.immThe scientific library of the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics was opened in 1959. Since 1977, it has been headed by Halida Yagubova.

The library of IMM  waz organized on the base of the central scientific library of the Azerbaycan Academy of Sceiences.The library stock keeps private stocks of sciensts-mathematicians Z.I.Khalilov, F.G.Magsudov, SH.I.Vekilov, H.N.Aagayev,Yu.M.Mamedov and others.

At present the volume of the book stock is 20052 including 1051 in foreign languages. Volume of periodicals 25893 (including 13671 in foreign languages). Volume of special literature is 21921 (including 6827 in foreign language. Volume of general stock – 67866 (including 21550 in foreign languages). The library has alphabetical and systematic book catalogues (in azerbaijanian, Russian and foreign languages). The card indices of dissertations, author’s theses preprints and xeroscopies are also available.

Service of readers.

The collabarators of the Institute of Cybernetics,Institute of Physics and Baku State University also use the services of the library.

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