Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics
Azerbaijan National Academy of Science

Statement of the Presidium of ANAS

As it is known, according to the decision made at the next meeting of the Presidium of ANAS held on November 20, 2020, the director of the Central Scientific Library (CSL) of ANAS was dismissed from her position.However, instead of regretting her actions and apologizing to the CSL staff, members of the Presidium of ANAS, as well as whom misappropriated their writings, she tried to deceive the public by spreading false information about her alleged unfair dismissal by appealing to President Ilham Aliyev via Facebook.Unfortunately, in order to create a sensation and fill their news feed, some media outlets circulated Sevil Zulfugarova’s baseless opinions without any checks and clarifications, causing confusion in public opinion.For this reason, it was necessary to inform the public about the reasons for the decision of the Presidium to dismiss Sevil Zulfugarova from the post of director of the CSL.

We bring to the attention of the country’s public that Sevil Zulfugarova was appointed director of the Central Scientific Library of the Academy by the decision of the Presidium of ANAS on March 5, 2020.The book funds are tasked to eliminate the shortcomings of the previous periods, to improve the working environment, to restructure the library in accordance with the requirements of modern times.But, unfortunately, Sevil Zulfugarova ignored the instructions of the President of ANAS, as well as the recommendations of the members of the Presidium, and shortly after taking office, she tried to repeat the mistakes of her predecessors…

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