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100 years have passed since the birth of the world-famous Azerbaijani scientist, Professor Lotfi Zade

The most famous Azerbaijani scientist in the world. His works are cited all over the world. Many of the world’s most influential companies earn billions based on his theories.

Lotfi Zadeh

“My formula for success is this: Ability. Labour and persist. ”

Lotfi Zadeh, one of the most famous Azerbaijani scientists in the world, was born on February 4, 1921 in the village of Novkhani, Baku.

His father Rahim Alasgarzadeh, who was born in Ardabil, moved to Baku during World War I. In Baku, he married Koreman, a jewish origin. Lotfi Zade studied up to the 3rd grade at school No. 16 in Baku.

After the decision of the USSR on Iranian citizens, the family left Azerbaijan in 1931 and moved to Tehran. Lotfi Zadeh continues his education at the American Almors Missoner School in Tehran. After graduating from Tehran University with a degree in electrical engineering, he moved to the United States in 1944. He continues his education at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

In 1946, he married Mrs. Fay, whom he met in Tehran, and they had two children, Stella and Norman. Lotfi Zadeh brought his parents to the United States a year later.

He holds master’s and doctoral degrees from Columbia University. In 1957, on the recommendation of the “Father of Cybernetics” Norbert Wiener he came to the University of California, Berkeley. Here he headed the department of “Electrical Engineering and Computer Science”.

Although he retired in 1991, due to his extraordinary talent, he was given the opportunity to continue his activity at the University for his zerm of life.

Lotfi Zadeh is 6 important theories are known to the world science. What makes him most famous is the theory of fuzzy logic, which is considered a revolution in world science.

For a long time, the US scientific community did not accept this theory. But the Japanese decided to use this theory. The application of the theory brings billions to Japan, and the theory is widely used by Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Sony, Canon, Nissan, Honda and other reputable companies in the country.

In 1989, Lotfi Zadeh was awarded Japan’s highest Honda Award for his achievements in fuzzy logic theory. After that, the theory caught the attention of Americans and is applied by General Motors, Motorola, Kodak and other companies. Also, based on the theory, Nasa control systems are studied.

In 2016, based on the theory of Lotfi Zade, Japanese scientists are developing a robot called “Alter”.

Lotfi Zadeh visited Baku in 1965. Her daughter Stella died at the age of 56.

97 years old Lotfi Zadeh died on September 6, 2017, nine months after his wife’s death in 2017. The body of the scientist, who willed to be buried in Baku, was delivered to Baku on September 29. On the same day, a farewell ceremony with the scientist was held and Lotfi Zadeh was buried in the Alley of Honor I.

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