35-year-old “Elm”

35 years have passed since the launch of the “Elm” (Science) newspaper, the press service of the Presidium of ANAS.

The newspaper was published in 1984 by the Communist Publishing House, the former body of the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan and Party Committee, Committee of United Trade Union and the Comsomol Committee. Thus, among the allied republics academies, “Elm” newspaper was first published in Azerbaijan and soon spread its popularity throughout the USSR.

In the first edition, articles such as “Discoveries and Inventions”, “Science and Production”, “Azerbaijan Scientist Abroad”, “Science and Technology Innovations”, “New Works” aroused interest on readers. From the first day of its publication, the newspaper materials are presented to readers in Azerbaijani and Russian languages, and this tradition continues to this day.

The newspaper “Elm” today takes major steps to inform the public on innovations of Azerbaijani science, promote our science in the globe and provides interviews with prominent scientists, various events and articles on scientific research.

Being able to maintain the readers’ capacity in the modern era of information and communication technologies, “Elm” newspaper was admitted to the Press Council of Azerbaijan in 2016.

The editor of “Elm” newspaper is the head Department of Public Relations, Press and Information of the Presidium of ANAS, PhD in Philology Aghahuseyn Shukurov.

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Released a new edition of the “Elm” newspaper

The next edition of the “Elm” newspaper, having a unique place among numerous media outlets and distinguishing for its new design and improved content, was released for readers.

On the first page of the newspaper, were posted following materials – “President Ilham Aliyev’s orders to celebrate 100th anniversary of the National Museum of Azerbaijan History”, and celebrate 140th anniversary of Muhammad Hadi, including conference, which was held at the Presidium on the occasion of 16th anniversary of the death of national leader Heydar Aliyev entitled “Heydar Aliyev: national leader, time and modernity”.

The second page of the edition provides detailed information about the II International Scientific Conference on “O Nasimi, Your Word Conquered the Word …” devoted to the results of the work concerning investigation and promotion of Nasimi heritage in ANAS during the year.

You can get familiar with headings – “Actual problems of information security were discussed”, “President of ANAS familiarized with innovative conditions created at the Institute of Information Technology” and “Academician Ramiz Mehdiyev received the Vice President of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences” on the third page of the edition.

In addition, meetings of the Presidium of ANAS, measures taken in ANAS on commemoration of National Leader Heydar Aliyev, admission to the doctoranture and dissertanture of ANAS for 2019, academician Ramiz Mehdiyev’s meetings with successors of Jalil Mammadguluzadeh and a chaimran of Organization of Culture and Islamic Relations of the Islamic Republic of Iran, etc. were submitted for readers.

The 16-page newspaper also contains materials in Russian.

The editor of the newspaper “Elm”, which began to be published in 1984, is the head of the Public Relations, Press and Information Department, PhD in Philology Aghahuseyn Shukurov.

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Activity of Public Relations Departments are improved in ANAS

On December 18, in the Electronic Assembly hall of the Institute of Literature named after Nizami Ganjavi ANAS, the report meeting of the Public Relations Departments of the institutes and organizations of the Academy for 2019 was held.

The meeting was organized by the Department of Public Relations, Press and Information of the Presidium of ANAS.

At the event, vice-president of ANAS, academician Isa Habibbayli spoke about the fundamental reforms and innovations implemented in the Academy. He said that after the election of the President of ANAS, academician Ramiz Mehdiyev made purposeful decisions on reorganization of Public Relations Departments and took serious measures.

According to Habibbayli, the relations between the Department of Public Relations, Press and Information of ANAS and the mass media of the country should be expanded, and the work on promotion of Azerbaijani science in the country and in the world should be accelerated.

“Employees of the Public Relations Department of ANAS should pay special attention to the preparation of scientific and analytical materials,” I. Habibbeyli said.

Speaking about the work of science.az, official website of ANAS, I. Habibbayli said that recently the portal has improved. The scientist said that measures were taken to establish the work of ANAS’s “Elm” (Science) newspaper, as well as journal “Elm ve Heyat” (Science and Life).

Academician I. Habibbayli informed about his visit to Moscow and noted that he had met with the leadership of the Russian Institute of World Literature named after Maksim Gorky and discussed the exchange of experience between websites of the two organizations.

Vice-president of ANAS emphasized the importance of establishing relations between public relations departments and Wikipedia, noting the invaluable role of this online encyclopedia in promoting Azerbaijan around the world. He said that the main task of the ANAS is to convey Azerbaijan’s truths to the world community and to maintain its statehood position.

Then head Department of Public Relations, Press and Information, PhD in Philology Aghahuseyn Shukurov delivered a report. He provided statistics on news published on the science.az web portal and said that in the reporting year, there were about 2,300 news articles posted on the site, and more than 900 videos were broadcast by the Elm TV.

A.Shukurov also informed about the activity of the “Elm” newspaper, the press-service of the Presidium of ANAS, as well as the journal “Science and Life”. He said that during the year, the Elm newspaper published informative and analytical articles covering various fields of Azerbaijani science. The journal “Science and Life” contains interviews and articles of Azerbaijani scientists living outside the country and working in various scientific centers around the world.

Subsequently, Dr. Zaur Aghamaliyev, PhD in technical sciences, delivered a report of the website of the Institute of Petrochemical Processes, Mahsati Gurbanova – Institute of Botany, and provided information about statistical indicators of the information elucidated in the media during the reporting year, as well as work done in the direction of promoting scientific achievements of the institute.

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The paper of Azerbaijan scientists was published in higher impact factor international journal

The paper coauthored by deputy director of IMM in scientific affairs corr. member of ANAS, prof. Vagif Guliyev’s within the I Azerbaijan-Russia joint international grant competition was published.

The paper was published in 1.792 higher impact factor Q1 category journal “Analysis and Mathematical Physics” (https://link.springer.com/journal/13324)  reviewed in “Clarivate Analytics” international base.

In this paper “Characterizations of Hardy spaces associated with Laplace–Bessel operators” (https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s13324-019-00335-5) obtained a characterization of  Hardy spaces by using atoms associated with the radial maximal function, the nontangential maximal function and the grand maximal function related to  Laplace–Bessel operator for  and . As an application, further establish an atomic characterization of Hardy spaces  in terms of the high order Riesz–Bessel transform for .

See the following link to read the paper:


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Young scientist gave a talk in the International Conference held in Istanbul

The International Conference “Science in Mechanical Engineering” held in Istanbul, Turkey continues its work. In the traditional event attended by authoritative scientists from the USA, Canada, Germany, China and other developed countries, research associate of the department of “Creeping theory” of IMM, ANAS, ph.doctor in mechanics Emin Bagirov has also participated. The scientific report of the young scientist in collaboration with professor of Yildiz Technical University of Turkey, corresponding member of ANAS Surkhay Akperov was orally represented in appropriate panel meeting of the Conference. The report was listened with great interest and was highly evaluated. The young scientist was awarded with a certificate of the scientific-organizational Committee. The event with participation of numerous scientists conducting their research works in mechanics will continue to 19.12.2019.

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On 22.12.2019, at 11:00 a seminar of “Mathematical Analysis” department “Modern problems of harmonic analysis and applications” will be held. At the seminar the researcher of the department, PhD in Math. Aynur Nizami gizi Mammadova will give a report on the topic “Modulus of continuity in weighted Lebegue spaces”.

This talk is devoted to some properties of modulus of continuity in weighted Lebesgue spaces.

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