We celebrate the head of the department of “Functional Analysis”, doctor of phys. math. sci. prof. Hamidulla Aslanov on the occasion of his 70th anniversary!

Hamidulla Israfil oghlu Aslanov was born in 1950 in Shamakhi region in the village of Jayirly. He entered the faculty of «Mechanics – mathematics of Baku State University in 1967, graduated from this University with honors diploma in 1972. He defended his ph. doctor dissertation in 1976 and thesis for a Doctor’s degree in 1996. He is a professor and a specialist in the field of differential operator’s spectral theory. He is the author of more than 165 scientific works. About 25 of his articles were published abroad. He is the author of the books «Ordinary differential equation and mathematical physics equation», «Functions with many groups of variables, curvilinear and surface integral, and the elements of square theory», «İntegral equation, approximate solution ways, Electronic Calculating Machines (ECM) and their use», «The solution of mathematical equations through networks», «Elements of theory of Integral transformations», «Functional analysis», «Functions theory and functional analysis». He was invited to Tabriz University in Iran Islamic Republic to deliver lectures. Over 45 years he has worked of Khankendi Pedagogical University, Azerbaijan Technical University, Baku Maiden University, Baku State University. At present, he is a senior scientific worker in Azerbaijan  National Academy of Mathematical Sciences at the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics. He is a doctor of physical – mathematical sciences, a professor. In 2018 he has been elected a foreign member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

The staff of the Institute congratulates Hamidulla teacher for his 70th anniversary and wishes him the best life, longevity and successes in his scientific career!

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We congratulate the famous mathematician scientist Gabil Aliyev on the occusion of his 85-th jubilee!

The head of “Applied Mathematics” department of IMM, prof. Gabil Aliyev is 85.

Aliyev Gabil Garibkhan oglu was born on February 18, 1935 in Baku, Azerbaijan Republic. In 1962 he graduated from the mechanics-mathematics faculty of Kirov Azerbaijan State University (now Baku State University).

In 1963-1966 he has been a post-graduate student at IMM, ANAS. In 1966, supervised by acad. A.A. Ilyushin at the Scientific Council of IMM has defended candidate of sciences degree dissertation “Stability of nonlinearly elastic reinforced cylindrical shells under tension of bonds”. In 1967-1979 he has been a doctoral student at M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University and in 1980 supervised by acad. A.A. Ilyushin has defended his doctor of sciences dissertation “Theoretical bases of flexible nonmetallic pipes bases on fibrous structures and their application” at the Scientific Council of M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University.

In the period of 1966-2019 prof. Aliyev G.G. has published over 150 scientific works including 12 monographs (7 of them abroad in the USA, Germany, Turkey); 18 papers abroad (2 in the USA, 3 in Russia, 1 in India, 1 in Poland, 12 in Turkey); 17 International patents in 8 leading countries (the USA, Great Britain, France, FRG, Japan, Italy, Sweden, India) and over 28 certificates of authorship of the USSR.

In 2010 he has rewarded with the Honor decree of the Presidium of ANAS, in 1984 with the badge of honorary inventor of the USSR, in 2002 the thanking letter of President of Turkey Republic Ahmed Nejdat Sezer, in 1913 the gold medal “The best patriotic researcher scientist” by the European Publishing House. In 2019 we was elected a corresponding member of the Academy of Natural Sciences of the Russian Federation. In 2016 was rewarded with the order of ‘Piotr the Great” by the Academy of Natural Sciences of the Russian Federation. In 2017 was rewarded with the medal “The scientist of the year” by the Mass Media Trade Union of Azerbaijan.

He is a vice-chairman of Higher Attestation Commission at the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan in mathematical and mechanical sciences, a member of doctor’s dissertation Council at IMM, ANAS.

From 1961 he has been working at IMM ANAS. Since 1985 he is a professor. At present he is a head of the department of “Applied Mathematics” at IMM ANAS.

We congratulate prof. G. Aliyev on the occasion of his 85-th jubilee, wish him a sound health, successes in his scientific activities.

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On 20.02.2020, at 10.30, the regular seminar of  “Optimal Control” department will be held. At the seminar professor of  Baku State University, doct. of phys. Math. Sci. Misreddin Allahverdi oglu Sadigov will be speaking on the topic “Abnormal mathematical programming problem”.

In the work in the irregular case, the necessary conditions for the extremum of the first and second orders are obtained for extremal problems in the presence of restrictions. The results are applied to optimal control problems (continuation).

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Meeting of the Division of Physical, Mathematical and Technical Sciences discussed priority issues

On February 18, General Meeting of the Division of Physical, Mathematical and Technical Sciences was held at the Presidium of ANAS.

In advance, with a minute of silence, the memory of the late academician Bahadir Tagiyev, who was a member of the division, was honored.

Opening the event, the chairman of the division, ANAS vice-president, academician Rasim Alguliyev, informed about the issues on the agenda. Recalling the ANAS General Meeting on December 28, 2019, the scientist said that important decisions were made at the event. He said that in accordance with the decisions made, the ANAS Charter was amended, the new composition of the Presidium consisting of 11 members was elected, the post of academician-secretary of scientific divisions was abolished, and the vice-presidents were entrusted with the leadership of the divisions. In addition, division offices were also abolished and Academic Councils were created.

Academician R. Alguliyev also noted that the “National Development Program of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences for 2020-2025” was adopted at the General Meeting, which provides for the widespread use of artificial intelligence technologies, as well as the balance of fundamental scientific directions based on scientific, technological and innovative the challenges of our time. The scientist emphasized that in accordance with the program, scientific institutions were assigned such important tasks as determining research priorities, carrying out structural reforms and improving management, modernizing the scientific infrastructure, conducting certification of scientific personnel, as well as training highly qualified personnel and evaluating scientific activity.

According to the vice- president, the optimization of scientific management and financing, the acceleration of the integration of science, education and the economy, the further expansion of the Academy’s international relations, the development of joint programs, the development of innovation, in-depth research on issues related to the ideology of Azerbaijan, while improving the social welfare of scientific employees are also one of the priority areas of reforms in ANAS.

Noting that in the ongoing reforms to develop flexible, adaptive structural mechanisms under the leadership of the President of ANAS, academician Ramiz Mehdiyev, international experience is taken as a basis, R. Alguliyev mentioned a number of structural changes carried out in the apparatus of the Presidium. Recalling that the Academy recently held meetings with a number of authorized representatives of the state, the scientist emphasized that the organization and development of cooperation in a new direction between ANAS and relevant state bodies is one of the main goals.

Academician R. Alguliyev also spoke about the division’s report presented at the Presidium meeting held on January 15, 2020. According to him, the purpose of the meeting was to reinforce the material and technical base of scientific institutions included in the division, modernize modern research facilities and scientific and technical equipment, implement scientific results and achievements with innovative potential, commercialize scientific products and implement other issues within the framework of regulatory requirements legal documents.

Then, according to the decision of the Presidium, it was decided to submit proposals on the 75th anniversary of ANAS, which will be held in April this year.

At the event, a vote was taken on the election of the Chairman of the National Center for Nuclear Research CJSC of the Ministry of Transport, Communication and High Technologies, Academician Adil Garibov as a member of the Division of Physical, Mathematical and Technical Sciences.

Academician A. Garibov in his speech gave detailed information about his activities. The scientist said that he will justify the trust and will do everything possible to strengthen the further activities of the Division.

Then acad. R. Alguliyev noted the importance of the activities of the Academic Council in terms of discussing processes in the department and making appropriate decisions, and also noted the importance of elections for the election of council members.

Then, the Counting Commission for the election of members of the Academic Council of the division was created, chaired by academician Muhammed Mehdiyev, and deputy members of the ANAS Ayub Guliyev and Agasi Melikov.

According to the results of the voting, the Scientific Council of the division consisting of 13 people was formed. Academician Rasim Alguliyev was elected chairman, academicians Javad Abdinov and Yusif Mammadov as deputies. The Council includes academicians Nazim Mammadov, Telman Aliyev, Arif Hashimov, Fikret Aliyev, Adil Garibov, corresponding members of ANAS Misir Mardanov, Oktay Gasimov, Oktay Samadov, Namig Jalilov and Afig Hasanov.

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A Joint Seminar of the Departments of “Differential Equations” and “Mathematical Physics Equations” will be held on February 19, 2020. At the seminar, doctorate of the department of “Differential Equations” Ferhadova Yetar Muzakir kizi will make a report on the “Investigations of the mathematical model for the oscillations of the bridge, which has one common point of contact with the cable”.

Interested persons can take part.

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On february 19, 2020, at 10:00 at the institute seminar of İMM the event devoted to 85-th jubilee of doctor of physico-mathematical sciences, prof. Gabil Garibkhan oglu Aliyev, to the 70-th jubilee of the head of “Differential Equations” department, doctor of phys. math. sci. prof. Akper Bayram oglu Aliyev, and 70-th jubilee of the head of “Functional Analysis” department, doctor of phys. math. sci. prof. Hamidulla İsrafil oglu Aslanov will be held.

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