Ministry of Science and Education Republic of Azerbaijan
Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics

The team of the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics honored the memory of the martyrs on January 20

The team of the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan honored the memory of our sons and daughters who fell as martyrs for the independence and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.

 In his opening speech, the director of the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, Corresponding Member of ANAS, Professor Misir Mardanov, noted that January 20 went down in the modern history of Azerbaijan as one of the most tragic days and at the same time as a page of heroism. This date has become a symbol of our people’s struggle for independence, freedom, as well as their invincible will. The military aggression carried out that day by the Soviet army against the Azerbaijani people is inscribed in the history of civilization as one of the most serious crimes committed against humanity.M. Mardanov emphasized that the patriotic sons of Azerbaijan, who valued the freedom, honor and dignity of their Motherland and people above all else, 34 years ago, having died on that terrible night, rose to the pinnacle of martyrs. These events had a decisive influence on the formation of national identity and became a turning point in the restoration of state independence. It was after this tragedy that the national liberation movement became a full-fledged political reality, acquired an irreversible character, and the people saw their future only in independent Azerbaijan.The scientist noted that the events of January 20 became an important turning point in the history of our independence. On January 20, 1990, the Azerbaijani people sacrificed many martyrs for their freedom and independence, but their will was not broken, and the national spirit was not shaken, and their bright memory will always live in the heart of the Azerbaijani people.

May God have mercy on all martyrs!

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