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Corresponding-member of ANAS Yahya Jafar oglu Mammadov


Yahya Jafar oglu Mammadov was born on October 10, 1930 in Nakhchivan city. In 1954 he graduated from Azerbaijan State University (now BGU) with honour diploma, joined the post-graduate course of the University and in 1957 he defended his PhD degree dissertation ahead of time and worked as a lecturer, senior lecturer and associate professor at the University. In 1965 professor Yahya Mammadov has successfully defended the doctor’s degree dissertation and was appointed a head of Calculus Mathematics chair, and worked at this post till the end of his life. In 1971-1987 he has been the prorector of BSU on scientific affairs, in 1987-1989 the rector of the University. Yahya Mammadov passed away in 2000.
Professor Yahya Mammadov is one of the known scientists in the field of nonlinear analysis and calculus mathematics. He has authored over 100 scientific papers 7 monographs and 5 manual and textbooks published in different countries of the world. The famous scientist is one of the creators of the investigation method of the solution of nonlinear operator differential equations with the right hand side subjected to oneside estimation and of theory of abstract nonlinear Volterra operator equations. In 1974, for his book “Methods for finding approximate solutions of ordinary differential equations”, he was rewarded the State Prize. Professor Yahya Mammadov has suggested a method for reducing a certain class of weighted equations to the equivalent equations whose solution is sought in the form of quickly converging iterations. In scientific references this method is called “Mammadov’s method”. He has studied the properties of positive solutions of Urison type nonlinear integral equations, asymptotic stability of unbounded operator coefficient differential equations in Banach spaces, applications of differential and integral inequalities, solution methods of delayed argument nonlinear equations, successive approximation methods for ordinary differential equations in Banach spaces, properties of the solutions of hyperbolic type nonlinear equations in Hilbert spaces, Volterra type inequalities in multivariate integral equations, Cauchy problem for second order, unbounded coefficient operator differential equations, convergence of certain iteration processes for the solutions of differential equations, application of improved Newton-Kontorich method to the solution of a boundary value problem for quasilinear Lavrentyev-Bitsadze equations by the difference method, applications of the net method to the solution of mixed boundary value problem for nonlinear elliptic equations and so on.
He has supervised 32 PhD degree dissertations from 9 countries of the world Germany, Algeria, Irak, Egypt, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan). Now 8 of them are doctors of sciences and professors. The famous scientist has been an opponent of 60 PhD and doctor’s degree dissertations in several cities of the former Soviet of Unions.
Being the prorector of Baku State University during 17 years, he paid great attention to increasing international authority of science, creation of many research laboratories, development of researches, increase of their efficiency and so on.
In the international congresses and conferences held at many countries of the world, he had suitably represented Azerbaijan mathematics school and has been a member of presidium of mathematics section of scientific methodological Council under the Ministry of Education of the former USSR.
Professor Yahya Mammadov was rewarded many authorative international prizes including “Academician Vavilov” medal, “Friendship of Peoples” order, was selected “Honourable citizen” of Minneapolis city of the USA. For his great merits the honorary name of “Honoured science worker” was conferred upon him.
In 1983 he was elected a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan.

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