Ministry of Science and Education Republic of Azerbaijan
Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics

For the attention of candidates wishing to enter doctoranture, dissertanture and master studies

Foreign language exams for candidates wishing to enter doctoranture and dissertanture will be held on January 26. Those who wish to enter the master studies of higher educational institutions and ANAS will pass the exam on February 23.

The exam in the Azerbaijani language (as the state language) will be carried out on May 3, and the second on May 31.

Note that, entrance examinations, test exams for master studies and doctoranture, the first stage of final exams for students of the 9th grade and exams for admission to the civil service, which are planned to be held by the State Examination Center in the first three months of 2020, were announced earlier. The dates for other exams in 2020 are also determined.

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