Ministry of Science and Education Republic of Azerbaijan
Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics

List of Submissions

1. The application of competitor.
2. Personal questionnaire with photo -1 copy.
3. Extract from the minutes on confirmation of dissertation theme and supervisor – 2 copies.
Extract from the minutes on registration of dissertation theme relating to appropriate field of       science – 2 copies.
4. Certification on passing doctor’s exams. – 2 copies.
4.1 Certification of the competitor on passing doctor exams in non-availability of higher
education on the profile of the defended dissertation.
4.2. Competitor’s reference on lengh of pedagogical service for earning the degree of Philosophy
doctor on pedagogics.
5. Binded copies of dissertation – necessary quality.
6. The author’s abstract (all the copies of the title-page (supplement 1.7) and cover of
dissertation is signed by competitor).
7. For a competitor of doctor’s degree, copy of certificated doctor of philosophy diploma
(persons that earned their scientific degree abroad including in UIS, represent the equivalency
diploma given by the Commission of the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic
– 2 copies.
8. Minutes of the meeting on acception of the review and the review of the appropriate
organization on setting the dissertation work.
Reference of reviewers in written form (2 copies each) and compact disc of the record of the
process of primary discussions of dissertation.
The reference is submitted in the form of extract from the minutes of the meeting of chair
(laboratory, department) or seminar attested by the head of the organization, and is stamped.
The minutes is signed by the head of the organization and its secretary, their signs are
certified by the scientific secretary.
9.  Reference on scientific and practical activity of a competitor – 1 copy
The reference is given from the main work place, is certified by the head of the organization
and is dated.
10. Reference of the supervisor – 2 copies.
11. The list of publications on the dissertation theme (Appendix 1.8), their copies and electronic
variant (the monograph is represented in the original).
Monographs and books are represented in a separate folder.
12. Copy of identity card.

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