“Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences – 75” exhibition opened at the National Library

On January 23, Azerbaijan National Library has opened a book exhibition “Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences – 75”.

The exhibition presents books about the history of the Azerbaijan, National Academy of Sciences, publications of various institutes, articles of its employees published in Azerbaijan and foreign press.

The exhibition will run a week.

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Published the first issue of the special edition of “Master’s” journal

The State Examination Center has released the first issue of the special edition of “Master’s” journal.

The special edition covers the rules of admission to higher education institutions of the country and master studies of ANAS, logical thinking, foreign language and computer science test programs, as well as numerous and open-ended test for logical thinking in Azerbaijani and Russian languages.

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Educational seminar on the competition announced jointly by ANAS and TUBITAK

On January 23, an educational seminar on the competition announced in the framework of the joint program on the cooperation agreement signed between the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) and Council for Scientific and Technical Research of Turkey (TUBITAK) was held in the Main Building of ANAS.

The event was attended by senior officials of the departments of international relations of scientific institutions and organizations of ANAS, young scientists of the academy, as well as representatives of higher educational institutions and research centers of the republic.

At the seminar, head of the Office of International Relations of the Presidium of ANAS, PhD in Biology, Associate Professor Esmira Alirzayeva noted that TUBITAK, which has been operating since 1963, regularly carries out projects with leading organizations and universities around the world. Announcing the announcement of the third competition by ANAS and TUBITAK, E. Alirzayeva brought to the attention that this time along with the academy, projects of other research centers and educational institutions of the republic will be accepted.

Noting that the competition will last until March 6, 2020, E. Alirzayeva spoke about the need to develop project proposals in English together with groups of partners from Turkey and Azerbaijan, and added that the project should cover a priority area and topic that is relevant for both countries. It was also noted that special attention should be paid to the choice of the name of the topic, as well as technical characteristics (documents, signatures, etc.) when filling out the application form. She brought to the attention that after the technical review, the projects will be sent to international experts for evaluation in four categories and support will be given to three projects with the highest average score.

Then the office head clearly showed a sample of filling out the application form and responded questions of the participants.

In conclusion, Tofig Babayev and Rovshan Karimov, national coordinators of the European Commission’s Research and Innovation Program (Horizon 2020), shared their views on expanding the participation of Azerbaijani scientists and specialists in this program.

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On January 29 of 2020 year 10:00 a.m. at the Institute-wide seminar of the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of ANAS will speak the lead researcher of the department “Function Theory” Rashid Avazaga oglu Aliev, with presentation entitled “On approximations of the Hilbert transform”.

The report will discuss the properties of the Hilbert transform and its discrete analogue and approximations of the Hilbert transform in the space of functions integrable to the p-th degree will be given. It is shown that the approximating operators preserve the basic properties of the Hilbert transform, and this allows us to obtain more accurate results in terms of convergence.

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Academician Yusif Mammadov is 70 years old

January 24, marks 70 years of outstanding scientist in the field of mathematical physics and differential equations, Honored Scientist, holder of the Order of Shohrat, head of the Department of Mathematical and Physical Equations of Baku State University (BSU), Academician Yusif Mammadov.

Yusif Abulfat oglu Mammadov was born on January 24, 1950 in the village of Dastagird in the Sisian region of Western Azerbaijan. After finishing from high school in 1966, he entered the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Azerbaijan State University (now Baku State University). In 1971 he graduated from the faculty with honors. 1971-1993 He was an assistant, senior lecturer, assistant professor, professor of the Department of Mathematical and Physical Equations of Baku State University. During 2000-2006 he was Dean of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics of BSU, and vice-rector for science. In 2006-2016, he was rector of the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University. He was an adviser to the Minister of Education in 2016-2017. He currently heads the Department of Mathematical and Physical Equations of BSU.

In 1974 he defended his thesis “Correct one-dimensional problems and analytical representations of their solutions” for the degree of PhD in Mathematics. In 1990, he completed his doctoral thesis “Investigation of spectral problems for systems of ordinary differential equations of a general form and substantiation of the subtraction method for the corresponding mixed problems” for the degree of Doctor of Mathematical Sciences. In 1991, he became a professor. In 2001 he was elected a corresponding member of ANAS, and in 2017 an active member.

Y. Mammadov is a celebrate specialist in the field of mathematical physics and differential equations. Scientists are given the concepts of regularity, almost regularity, and normality in the neighborhood of finite limit points of the set of eigenvalues of differential operators and a formula is obtained for the expansion in eigen elements of such operators. A connection was found between almost regularity and periodicity properties of the coefficients of ordinary second-order differential operators. One-dimensional mixed problems for parabolic equations degenerating into a Schrödinger type are solved. The logarithmic growth of the attenuation decrement in the electric circuit at critical boundary conditions is proved. An asymptotic representation of the eigenvalues of the Sturm-Liouville problem is obtained for some complex-valued densities with a spectral parameter.

Y. Mammadov is the author of more than 100 scientific papers. He supervised for 14 doctors of philosophy, 2 doctors of sciences. For academic and pedagogical activities, he was awarded the title of Honored Worker of Science in 2000 and the Order of Shohrat in 2010.

We congratulate the famous mathematician on his 70th birthday and wish him robust health and success in scientific work.

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Meeting of the first territorial organization of the Presidium of ANAS was held

The meeting of the first territorial organization of the Presidium of ANAS was held. Organizational issues were considered at the event.

At the meeting, Deputy Chief of the Head Office of Science and Education, PhD in technical sciences Huseyn Huseynov was elected the chairman of the First Territorial Organization of the Presidium of ANAS, scientific secretary of the Presidium PhD in Philology Assoc. Prof. Associate Professor Hikmat Guliyev – deputy chairman, while chief specialist of the Division of Humanities Asmar Aliyeva – secretary.

Chief Specialist of the Division of Physical-Mathematical and Technical Sciences, PhD in Physics Assoc. Prof. Khuraman Ahmadova, chief specialist of the Head Office of Science and Education, PhD in Mathematics Leyla Gadimova, chief specialist of Executive Group of the Office of Affairs and Public Relations chief specialist Samira Guliyeva has been approved as a member of the First Territorial Organization of the Presidium of ANAS.

The event was also attended by the first vice-president of ANAS academician Isa Habibbayli and corresponding member of ANAS Aminagha Sadigov.

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