Ministry of Science and Education Republic of Azerbaijan
Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics

An educational event against drug addiction was held at the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics.

Organized by the Trade Union Committee of the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of the Ministry of Science and Education, an informative meeting was held with the employees of the institute on the implementation and elimination of the “Fight against drug addiction and illegal drug trafficking” measure. Director General of the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, Corresponding Member of ANAS, Professor Misir Mardanov welcomed the guests and spoke about the importance of the event and emphasized the importance of educational work to combat drug addiction, which is a universal problem. It was stated that the relevant institutions and all members of the society should fight against drug addiction together, and educational activities among teenagers and young people should be permanent. Babayeva Gunay, a doctor-psychologist of the Baku Narcotics Center of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Elchin Rahimov, the lieutenant colonel of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Baku General Police Department, and Ibrahimov Tural, the police major of the Anti-Narcotics Department in Cyberspace, spoke at the event and spoke about the harms of drug addiction, which has become a serious scourge of our time, for human health. They talked about their dangers, as well as drug addiction and the fight against drug addiction in our country. It was noted that every person who uses narcotic drugs, by giving up his successful future, always remains behind in society and cannot get rid of the consequences of addiction and harmful effects. They said that the main goal of the event is to educate young people about the bitter consequences of drug addiction, the tragic damage it causes to a person and the society as a whole, and the methods of combating it. The guests noted that special attention was given to education issues in the “2019-2024 State Program on Illegal Trafficking of Narcotic Drugs, Psychotropic Substances and Their Precursors and Combating Drug Addiction”, adopted by the order signed by President Ilham Aliyev. The speakers called on the event participants to guide and help drug addicts to get rid of this problem. It was pointed out that in the fight against this dangerous disease, there is a need for educational work and increasing the mass of sports. Every young person should try to stay away from harmful habits and protect themselves and others. At the end, the questions of the participants were answered by the guests.

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