Young scientists gave lecture at Heidelberg University

On October 2-6, young scientists of IMM, leading res. ass. of “Nonharmonic Analysis” department, ph. doctor in math. ass. prof. Sabina Sadigova and ph. doctor in phys. res. ass. of “Calculation mathematics and Informatics” department Aynura Jafarova have participated at the Conference “Mathematical Methods for Quantum Chemistry” held at the International Interdisciplinary Center (IWR) on scientific calculations. It should be noted that both scientists were officially invited by Heidelberg University. This center was created in 1987 as a central research institute to carry out investigations in interdisciplinary fields.
At this Conference, Sabina Sadigova gave a talk on “Frames, applications and abstract examples in Hardy classes”, Aynura Jafarova on “Qubit transfer with high fidelity in 1D fermion spin chains with nearest-neighbour interaction based on new recurrence relations for Racah polynomials”.
In addition, they had scientific discussions with professors of Heidelberg University Guido Kanschat, Adreas Dreuw, doctor of Max Plank institute of plasm physics Katharina Kormann and others.

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