Imadeddin Nasimi What Were They Saying About Education and Science?

Seyed Ali Imadeddin Nasimi 1369-1417) opened his eyes to the world in Shamakhi. His father was one of the well-known men of the Seyid Mohammad. Nasimi was also well-acquainted with Persian and Arabic, along with his native mother tongue. He knew about the fields of wisdom such as wisdom, logic, aggression, rhyming, history, fiqh, fiqh, and nature studies. From a very young age he was well acquainted with the science and philosophical heritage of the Near and Middle East. Nasimi was looking for a philosophical system so that he could educate people with its help and teach them to understand themselves in a new context.

Nasimi appealed to young people who had studied, and urged them to abstain from old training and to learn from Nasimi. He has interesting ideas about the learning system, techniques and shortcomings in the curriculum that existed at that time. Nasimi needed to be empowered to withstand moral, material and physical difficulties, first of all for the sake of moral excellence. He considered it possible for him to eliminate all negative attributes in his personality. Nasimi was a man who made him grow up, raised his own voice of protest against those who suffered moral and physical suffering. According to the great poet, “man is a pearl, a creator, a rose, and a jasmine. All the beauty, the existence, the earth and the sky were created to serve him. “

Source: Misir Mardanov. History of Azerbaijan’s education. “Education” publishing house, 2011. Baku, vol. I , 295 p.

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