Who played a role in increasing the number of schools and madrasahs, libraries in Azerbaijan in the 15th century?

The main reason for increasing the number of schools and madrasahs and libraries in Azerbaijan in the XV century was that Shah Ismail Khatayi was educated head of state. During his era, along with the opening of new schools and madrasas, classical works were collected, lines were created, and rare books were sculpted and many miniatures were erected. Famous artists such as Seyyed Ahmed Behzat, Agha Mirek Tabrizi, Ali Naqshash, Shah Ismayil’s painting school created in Azerbaijan. At that time, great achievements were made in the field of music. Shah Ismayil Khatai highly valued science, education, and knowledge in his career as well as in his creativity. Khatai considers the knowledge gained through intense labor, consistent and systematic training as human beings’ flesh, second heart, and soul, and that science and knowledge are truly valuable
I was terrified at the Urfa parliament,
I got coral from Bedouin,
I have died a thousand lives,
Well, let’s keep it alive.
The fact that Khatai attaches great importance to the Turkish (Azerbaijani) language gives him the possibility of raising it to the level of the state language, so that Khatai needed to be taught in the mother tongue at schools and madrasahs at that time.
Source: Misir Mardanov. History of Azerbaijan education. “Education” publishing house, 2011. Baku, volume 1, 295 p.

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