On 19.12.2018, at 10:00 am weekly seminar will be addressed by head of department “Algebra and mathematical logic” Ali Babayev and leading researcher Aydin Shahbazov on the receiving results on the theme of department.

1. Ph. d. of Math., assoc. prof. Aydin Shahbazov ” Weighted endomorphisms of functional algebras” (in this report at first depends of maximal spaces of uniform algebras we will consider the weighted endomorphisms and we will prove compactness criterion for finite sums of these endomorphisms. Later, we will investigate in general case the space of maximal ideals of functional algebras).

2. Ph. d. of Math., assoc. prof. Ali Babayev “Mathematics and logics in Nasireddin Tousi’s works” (the talk deals with scientific results of the investigations of Nasireddin Tousi’s works on mathematics and logics, that has the interest for history of science).

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