Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics
Azerbaijan National Academy of Science

Laboratory of “Computing Aids”

Head of the department: Babek Panah oğlu Abdullayev
Tel: (012) 539 – 47 -20
Number of employees: 14
The basic direction of the laboratory: The laboratory of “Computing Aids” has begun its activity in 1997. The laboratory accepts, translates and publishes the papers in the journals “Proceedings” of the Institute of the Mathematics and Mechanics and “Transactions” of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan in the English language. Each year 2 numbers of the “Proceedings” and 2 numbers of the “Transactions” are published.
After publication, the journals are given to the authors and are sent to the following addresses:

Library of the NASA                                           -50 copies
Nakhchivan                                                          -3 copies
Ganja                                                                   -2 copies
National Aviation Academy                                 -1 copy
Azerbaijan State Oil Academy                             -1 copy
NASA Scientific Innovation Center                       -2 copies
USA                                                                     -1 copy
Germany                                                              -1 copy
Russian Federation                                               -1 copy
Ukraine                                                                -3 copies
Kazakhstan                                                          -1 copy
Japan                                                                    -1 copy

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