A joint seminar of the department “Differential Equations” and the department “Equations of Mathematical Physics” on the topic “On strong solutions of nonlinear (semi-linear) elliptic equations of the second order” was held

March 4th, 2020 the joint seminar of the department “Differential Equations”  and the department “Equations of Mathematical Physics” was held.

At the seminar, with a report on the topic “On strong solutions of nonlinear (semi-linear) elliptic equations of the second order” the Doctor of Mathematical Sciences Rabil  Amanulla oglu Amanov delivered a speech. During the report, when a certain growth condition was imposed on the nonlinear part, the existence of a strong solution of the second-order nonlinear elliptic equation in the Sobolev space   was considered. The proof of existence was carried out if the solution belongs to a certain Lebesgue class with respect to the spatial variable. Examples are given that show the accuracy of the conditions imposed; the results obtained are presented as a generalization of the known results of  Bernstein. The considered method of  proof  belongs to S.I. Pokhozhaev. The aim of the study is to apply the results to parabolic equations and to study the strong solvability of the problem under the condition of summability of a lower order.

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On 06.03.2020, at 11:00 a seminar department of “Mathematical Analysis” by topic “Modern problems of harmonic analysis and applications” will be held. At the seminar the PhD candidate of the department Javanshir Vagif oglu Azizov will be report on “Fractional maximal operator and its higher order commutators in generalized weighted Morrey spaces on Heisenberg group”.

In the talk will be discussed the boundedness of the fractional maximal operator and its higher order commutators in generalized weighted Morrey spaces on Heisenberg group.

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On March 5, 2020 at 10:30, the next seminar of the Department of “Optimal Control” will be held. Dr. Nijat Aliyev, Scientific Researcher of the “Optimal Control” Department, will give a talk entitled “Large Scale Computation of Norms by a Greedy Subspace Method”.

In the talk, using a subspace method approximation of norms of large-scale control systems will be discussed.

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Doctor of mathematical sciences Mubariz Gafarshah ogli Hajibayov gave a talk on “Fractional inteqrals on hypergroups”

Today the regular Institute seminar was held. In the seminar of the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of ANAS chief researcher of mathematical analysis department, MD, Mubariz Gafarshah ogli Hajibayov gave a report on the theme “Fractional integrals on hypergroups”.

The inequalities between the fractional integrals on hypergroups and problems of boundedness on weighted Lebesgue spaces of fractional inteqrals on hypergroups are discussed on the report.

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II International Scientific Conference of Young Scientists and Specialists kicked off

On March 3, the II International Scientific Conference of Young Scientists and Specialists “Multidisciplinary approaches to solving modern problems of fundamental and applied sciences” has kicked off  its work in the main building of ANAS with the organization of the Council of Young Scientists and Specialists (CYSC).

The event, funded by the SOCAR Science Foundation, is dedicated to the 75th anniversary of ANAS.

The first vice-president of ANAS, academician Ibrahim Guliyev, vice-president of ANAS, academician Irada Huseynova, academician-secretary, corresponding member of ANAS Aminaga Sadigov, the director of scientific institutions and organizations of the Academy, as well as more than 300 young scientists from 12 countries, took part in the international conference .

Opening the conference, A.Sadigov welcomed the participants on behalf of the President of the Academy, academician Ramiz Mehdiyev. He spoke about the youth policy pursued in our country in recent years, the decisions taken on their development and active participation in all spheres of society. He noted that the “Strategy for the Development of Azerbaijani Youth for 2015-2025”, as well as the State Program “Youth of Azerbaijan for 2017-2021”, approved by the relevant decree of the head of state, are important, and stressed that today’s conference is an integral part of the events conducted in the country in the field of youth policy. Recalling that in 2011 a memorandum was signed between ANAS and SOCAR, A.Sadigov said that according to the corresponding document, the Scientific Foundation was created, over the past period the organization held 5 competitions and financed about 160 projects.

Speaking about the topic of the conference, A.Sadigov said that multidisciplinary approaches play an important role in achieving serious scientific results, and emphasized the need for research by a group of scientists uniting several areas. He said that this event will contribute to the presentation of the scientific results of young scientists to the public, as well as the establishment of international relations important for their future activities.

Further, the head of the scientific and technical department of SOCAR, Professor Nazim Veliyev, informed the participants about the organization he represents. According to him, SOCAR is engaged in the search, exploration and development of oil and gas fields throughout the country, including coastal and offshore areas, production, processing and transportation of oil, gas and gas condensate, as well as the sale of products on the domestic and foreign markets. He also noted that the company carried out major research and design work, paid special attention to the training and functioning of the Baku Higher Oil School, which is equipped with the most modern educational programs and training technologies that meet international standards.

Speaking later on, the Chairman of CYSS of ANAS PhD in Physics Famin Salmanov said that Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences  had an indispensable role in the coordination, development and future prospects of science in Azerbaijan. He noted that the academy, which was founded 75 years ago, defined a number of common goals in connection with the integration of Azerbaijani science into world science and made great progress in their implementation. Having said that young ANAS scientists conduct joint research with their foreign colleagues, F. Salmanov noted that the organization of events of a global scale is important from the point of view of developing new approaches and methodologies.

The Chairman of the Council emphasized that the II International Scientific Conference is an important scientific meeting covering the fundamental and applied aspects of interdisciplinary research, and thanked the ANAS leadership and the SOCAR Science Foundation for organizing the event.

It should be noted that the conference, which runs until March 6, will be delivered lectures in following realms – “Intelligent Systems and Technologies”, “Molecular Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering”, “Theoretical and Applied Problems of Earth Sciences”, “Nanotechnology and Materials Science”, “Modern problems of applied chemistry ”,“ Multifaceted scientific and theoretical problems of the Caspian Sea ”, “Modern social and humanitarian problems ”and “First steps in science (a special section for gifted students)”.

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Academic Council of the Division of Physical, Mathematical and Technical Sciences held the first meeting

On March 3, the first meeting of the Scientific Council of the Division of Physical, Mathematical and Technical Sciences (DPMS) of ANAS was held.

The event was attended by the vice-president of ANAS, the chairman of the Division academician Rasim Alguliyev, members of the Scientific Council, heads of scientific institutions.

In advance, academician Rasim Alguliyev informed the participants about the issues on the agenda.

Then a number of scientific and organizational issues were considered. Academician R. Alguliyev spoke about the tasks that arise from the decision of the Presidium of ANAS “On the scientific and organizational activities of the Division of Physical, Mathematical and Technical Sciences for 2019”. He emphasized the importance of preparing and submitting the Dıvısıon’s Action Plan to the Presidium of ANAS within 1 month.

The chairman of DPMS also spoke about a number of important scientific and organizational issues that arise from the decision. According to the scientist, special attention should be paid to the implementation of innovative scientific results and achievements obtained at departmental institutions, the commercialization of intellectual products, the organization of relations with other structures within the framework of copyright requirements, intellectual property rights and other regulatory legal acts. It was noted that the expansion of international scientific relations and ensuring participation in megaprojects are also one of the priorities for the current year.

The meeting also discussed proposals regarding the 75th anniversary of ANAS, relevant decisions on the 90th anniversary of academician Faramaz Magsudov and the 70th anniversary of academician Adil Garibov.

Next, a decision was made regarding the recommendation for publication of the book “The Mechanism of Formation, Monitoring and Prediction of Earthquakes” in collaboration with academician Telman Aliyev, Doctors of Technical sciences Abbas Rzayev and Sakit Rasulov, including the monographs “Reliable System for Monitoring Changes in the Cardiovascular System”by PhD in Tehnical Sciences Narmin Rzayeva, “Methods for the recognition of printed handwritten texts” by PhD in Technical sciences  Elshan Mustafayev, “Management of experimental research in gas production ” by PhD in Technical sciences Ijabike Sardarova and” Digital control on a metering conveyor ” by PhD in Technical sciences Ogtay Mirzeyev.

According to another decision of the Scientific Council, the winner of the competition announced in 2019 in accordance with the agreement between the ANAS and the French University of Montpellier on the doctoral program, the junior researcher at the Institute of Physics, Said Pashayev, was seconded to the University of Montpellier.

The meeting also considered a number of personnel issues.

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