Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics
Azerbaijan National Academy of Science

Laboratory of Mathematical Problems of Signal Processing

Head of the department: Sabina Rahib kızı Sadigova
PhD in Mathematics, Associate Professor
Tel: (+994 12) 538 72 50
E-mail: ,
Amount of employees: 5
Main Research Areas: frame theory, wavelet analysis and its applications, financial (or actuarial) mathematics, mathematical methods for pattern recognition.
Current Work Activities:
  • determining the spheres of application of wavelet methods which are most useful for national economy;
  • choosing a wavelet method for a specific sphere of application;
  • determining the attributes which characterize the signals (depending on the sphere of application);
  • mastering the methods of pattern recognition;
  • cluster analysis and mathematical forecasting methods;
  • construction of mathematical models for signals;
  • shaping mathematical models for patterns (hyperspectral, multi-channeled, monochromatic, binary) and their digital processing;
  • pattern recognition, noise removal and compression;
  • analysis of the environment-related information;
  • analysis of information lost during signal processing;
  • designing the software modules for signal processing.
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