The main purpose of the Council is to increase the scientific potential of young scientists working in ANAS, encouraging all sorts of initiatives to ensure the flow of the science, rational organization of leisure, lighting scientific innovations in media achieved by them, to provide them with methodological and informational support, as well as the implementation of a number of other efforts. The activities of the Council also includes the promotion of the development of science in the country and the issues to accelerate the integration of Azerbaijan science in the world science.
Council acts guided by the Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic, laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan, decrees and orders of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, decrees and orders of the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan Republic, the Charter of ANAS, ANAS Presidium decrees, orders and decrees of the President of ANAS and its Charter, adhering to the action plan of annual events.
The strategy of the public association include popularisation and promotion of science, coordination of innovative projects, work in the regions, international cooperation, carrying out scientific and social events, scientific publications, continuous monitoring of the activities of local councils at ANAS organizations and public relations.

Council of Young Scientists and Specialists:

Famil Seyfullayev Alizade oglu – chairman

Emin Bagirov Telman oglu – secretary

Aida Guliyeva Agagul kizi – members

Fatai Isayev Abdulhamid oglu

Sadigova Sabina Rahib kizi

Jafarova Aynura Mammedrza kizi

Muradova Shamsiyya Ahliman kizi

Aygun Orujova Tofig kizi

Museyibli Parviz Tofig oglu

Mirzoyeva Gulnar Rovshan kizi

Nagiyev Hasan Ali oglu

Nasibova Natavan Polad kizi