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Congratulations to the head of the library of ANAS Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics Halida Yagubova on the age of 70!


Halida Yagubova, director of the library of ANAS Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, is 70 years old.

Khalida Yagubova was born on September 18, 1948 in the Shamkir region of Azerbaijan.

In 1962 he entered the Baku Library Engineering College named after N.K. Krupskaya and successfully graduated in 1966.

Khalida khanum starts her career as a librarian in the fundamental library of the Azerbaijan State Oil and Chemistry Institute named after M. Azizbayov.

In 1971 he enters Azerbaijan State University named after S.Kirov.

In 1968-1977, she worked as librarian, chief librarian at the Azerbaijan State University Library.

Since 1977 Khalida Yagubova works as a library director at the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of ANAS.

Khalida khanim has always been at the center of attention with her high professionalism, productive and efficient work. X. Yagubova’s noble human qualities, such as humanism, industriousness, sensitivity and care, have given him great respect and affection in the collective that she is working for over 40 years.

Dear Mr. Khalida, We sincerely congratulate you on your jubilee, wish you strong health, success, happiness and long life.

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