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The outstanding scientist, unforgettable teacher Azad Mirzazhanzade is 90th


The outstanding scientist, State Prize winner, active member of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, honored scientist and technician, doctor of technical sciences, professor Azad Khalil oghlu Mirzazhanzade is  90th.

After finishing the secondary school, in 1944-1949 he has studied at Azerbaijan Industrial Institute in oil-mining faculty by speciality of mining-engineer. In 1951 he defended candidate of technical sciences, in 1957 the doctor of science dissertations. In 1959 he was promoted to the rank of professor, in 1962 was elected a member of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, in 1968 a full member of this Academy.
Azad Mirzajanzade began his labour activity in 1944 at school No 44 in Baku. In 1948-1958 he was a senior laboratory assistant, a junior research associate, senior research associate and head of department at the Institute of Oil and in oil expedition of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan. In 1958-1968 he worked at the research institute of Oil production at the Ministry of Oil Industry, in 1966-1969 was at the head of the laboratory at the Institute of Problems of Mechanics of the USSR Academy of Sciences, in 1969-1973 the head of joint laboratory of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR and Ministry of Oil Industry, in 1973 the head of oil-gas dynamics laboratory of the research Institute of Oil of the former USSR, in 1992 director of the Institute of Geotechnological Problems of Oil-gas at Azerbaijan Oil Academy and Research Institute of Chemistry.
With very wide range of interests, Azad Mirzajanzadeh was engaged in pedagogical activity and training high-skilled personnel.
In 1951-1957 he was an associate professor, in 1957-1959 a professor of the chair of theoretical mechanics of Azerbaijan State University, a head of chair at Azerbaijan Oil Academy. Azad Mirzajanzadeh also was an author of several projects connected with teaching of exact sciences in secondary schools.
In 1992-2001 he has been the chairman of Azerbaijan Higher Certificate Commission, in 1993-2001 was at the head of State Science and Engineering Committee.
Azad Khalil oglu Mirzajanzadeh passed away in july 17, in 2006 in his 78 years.
Having important merits in development of science in Azerbaijan, Azad Mirzajanzade became famous with his researches in the field of oil-mining and applied mechanics. The problems connected with mechanics of technological processes in oil production and application of mathematical physics methods in the oilfield were studied by him in the level of theoretical issues of fundamental sciences.
In his studies devoted to development and operation of oil and gas-condensate pools, the actual problems in the fields of drilling, production and oil machinery of oil industry have found their solution. Being the author of about 400 scientific works and 50 inventions and patents, he has especially paid attention to global optimization of oil and gas production processes. Elaboration and application of dynamic methods of development of off-shore oil fields is among the main successes of this famous scientist. At the last stage of his activity, the synergentic analysis of oil-gas fields was the main direction of his investigations.
Scientific successes:
* A law taking into account initial pressure gradient in fluid filtration was suggested.
* A differential equation describing filtration of gas condensate systems and motion of visco-plastic fluids in porous medium was offered.
* Methodical bases for elaboration of gas-condensate systems and non-newtonian oil pools were worked out.
* Hydrodynamic bases of well drilling at complicated condition were elaborated.
* Different physical fields for well drilling development of operation and regularization of modes of oil transportation were suggested and applied.
* Systematic analysis of technological processes of oil-gas production was worked out. Dynamic models for development of off-shore oil reservoirs were created and applied.
* Honoured worker of science and engineering of Azerbaijan SSR (1970);
* Honoured oil industry worker (1971);
* Gubkin Prize of AS of the USSR (1977, 1982);
* Honoured Worker of Gas Industry of the USSR (1978);
* State Prize winner of Azerbaijan SSR (1980);
* 2 times “Labour Red Banner” order.
* “Istiglal” order of Azerbaijan Republic.

His memory always lives in the hearts of the body of IMM.

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