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Congratulations to the leading scientist, ass. professor of the Institute Mathematics and Mechanics Tamilla Zeynalova on the age of 75!

Leading Research associate at the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of ANAS, ass. prof. Tamilla Zeynalova is 75 years old.

Tamilla Yusif Zeynalova was born April 5, 1944 in the village of Donukkhryhly, Tovuz region of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

In 1966 Tamilla Zeynalova graduated from S.M. Kirov Azerbaijan State University, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics. In 1969 she joined post-graduate courses in IMM of AS, AzSSR and then she was sent to Lomonosov Moscow State University, Mechanical Scientific Research Institute for Posgraduate Studies.

In 1973, she defended her dissertation on the theme “Sustainability of structural elements made of polymeric materials in the conditions of creeping”. She received her Ph.d. degree. Tamilla Zeynalova is the first female defender in the field of Deformable Solid Mechanics in Azerbaijan.

She introduced the calculation method of the loss of durability of nonlinear elastic elastic elements of the initial curve, taking into account sudden nonlinear deformation, and defines the time and the time of the crisis. She has investigated the stability of the ring made of non-linear and non-linear elastic material, which has been rigidly wounded with hard jaws. Based on the theory of continual theory, curved structural composite material has been determined by the effects of the plates, various boundary stresses and different forces, the stress-strain, durability, and the specific frequency during vibrational movement, in accordance with the curvature parameters.

T. Zeynalova has been working at the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of ANAS since 1972.

She worked as a pedagogue at the Department of “Theoretical Mechanics and Continuum Mechanics” at the Mechanics and Mathematics Department of BSU in 2004-2014.

T. Zeynalova made reports with scientific papers at the IV All-Union Conference on “Problems of stability in construction mechanics” dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the USSR, as well as international conferences held in the Republic. Her scientific articles have been published in scientific journals of Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine and Latvia.

In 2005, Tamilla Zeynalova was awarded with the honorary decree of ANAS, in 2009 for a long years of fruitful scientific activities on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of ANAS and the 50th anniversary of the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics.

T. Zeynalova is the winner of Media Award of the “Prestigious Intellectual Year of the Year” by the Azerbaijani Mass Media Workers’ Trade Union.

In 2016 T.Zeynalova was awarded the “Labor veteran”.

Currently Tamilla khanum works in the Department of Elasticity and Plasticity. Her 71 scientific works have been published in prestigious journals.

The staff of the institute congratulates Tamilla khanum on her 75th anniversary, wishes her best health, long life and success in her scientific life.

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