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“The Azerbaijanis who studied in higher institutions to 1920” was published

         The book “The Azerbaijanis who studied in higher institutions to 1920” coauthored by director of IMM, corr. member of ANAS, prof. Misir Mardanov and prof. of Baku Avrasiya University prof. Adalat Tahirzade was published. The book published in “Tehsil” publishing house consists of 552 pages. Scientific editor of the book is director of the Institute of History of ANAS, acad. of ANAS, prof. Yagub Mahmudov.

         In the publication documentary biography of all muslim statesmen with higher education in Azerbaijan Republic in 1918-1920 years is represented to the public.

         In the Soviet time it was claimed that to 1920 year we had only 62 persons with higher education.

         This book exposes that this claim is nonsense. This book was written by the authors after longterm and intensive researches in the archives of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Saratov, Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Tallin, Tiflis and other cities.

         In volume II information about 116 countrymen with surnames beginning with the letters “B-A” is given.

         The book was intended for readers of all walks of life.

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