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Corresponding member of ANAS Gaylani Minhac oglu Panahov made a report on “Electrokinetic phenomenon under fluid flow in pipes and porous media and its impact in technological processes”

Weekly seminar on September 25.09.2019, 10:00 a.m. featured a report by corresponding member of ANAS, head of the Fluid Mechanics Department Geylani Minhaj oglu Panahov, entitled “Electrokinetic phenomenon under fluid flow in pipes and porous media and its impact in technological processes”. The report indicates the research results of electrokinetic phenomenon under fluid flow in […]

Corr. member of ANAS, doctor of phys.-math. sci. Prof. Misir Mardanov met the masters

This year 8 masters were admitted to IMM: Aliyeva Khalida Sahil kizi Asadzadeh Javad Adail oglu Dadashova Nigar Yagub kizi Asadli Afag Adalat kizi Aliyev Azer Aliheydar oglu Gasimov Jasarat Jovdat oglu Nagiyeva Dunya Firdovsi kizi Sharifzade Durra Matlab kizi The master of the first course of IMM Khalida Aliyeva scored the highest points between […]

A new number of “Elm” newspaper was published

Today, the regular number of press body of the Presidium of ANAS “Elm” newspaper was published. The newspaper informs about the meeting of President of ANAS, acad. Akif Alizadeh with the chairmen of scientific councils in scientific directions, visit of vice President of ANAS, acad. Isa Habibbeyli to the Republic of Tatarstan, the results of […]

Special scholarships will be awarded to students who differ in science and education

This statement was made by the president of ANAS, academician Akif Alizadeh at the event devoted to Knowledge Day. In his speech, the scientist spoke about the annual “Master’s” competition to stimulate students’ achievements in education and science. He said that starting from this year, students who receive high marks in the magistracy and who […]

Presentation of the book “Years and traces of my life” by the First Vice-President of SOCAR, Academician Khoshbakht Yusifzade, was held at the Azerbaijan-French University (UFAZ). Denis Lemarshal, Country Director of “Total”, said that the book is a compact but detailed account of the last 50 years history of the modern oil industry of Azerbaijan. […]

Postgraduate Knowledge Day was celebrated in ANAS

On September 16, the Presidium of ANAS held an event dedicated to Knowledge Day. Opening the event, the president of ANAS, academician Akif Alizadeh spoke about the importance of graduate education in this institution. He said that one of the most important areas of the Academy’s reforms is the integration of science and education. With […]

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