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Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics

Congratulations to Elmira khanum Huseynova on her 55th birthday!

Huseynova Elmira Hasan kizi vas born on January 9, 1967 in Agtakla village of Gardabani district of Georgian Republic.

  In 1986-1989 she has studied at the Institute of National Economy at the faculty “Analysis of accounting  and economic activity” by the specialty ”economist accountant”.

In 1990-1997 she  has worked as an accountant in Georgian Republic,  since 2003 she has been  working at the   Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, ANAS (in 2003-2014 as a senior laboratory assistant, a head of the at the  depatement “Work with documents ”) .

Dear Elmira khanim  has  gained great respect and esteem of every person such as humanitary, deligence sencitivity and caring E. Huseynova   wery gerat respect and sympathy in the collective where she works. 

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