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We celebrate Leading Scientific Researcher of “Optimal control” department, Prof. Dr. Telman Malikov for his 70th anniversary!

It is 70th anniversary of Prof.Dr. Telman Malikov, leading scientific researcher of the department of “opt’mal control” of the institute of Mathematics and Mechanics.

Telman Malikov (born in Baku in January 5, 1950) is an Azerbaijani scientist. He is a professor of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics.

In 1972, Malikov graduated from the faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics in Azerbaijan State University (current name Baku State University (BSU)) with an honor degree. In that year, he was assigned to Ganja State University (GSU) as a teacher. In 1972 – 1975 he became a postgraduate at BSU. From 1976 to 1977 he worked at GSU. From 1977 to 2013 he worked at Azerbaijan Technology University in Ganja. From 1990 to 2005 he was the chair of the Higher Mathematics Department. From 2000 to 2013, he was the rector of Azerbaijan Technology University.[2] Starting in 2014 he began to work at the institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences.

In 1972 Malikov started his postgraduate study at Azerbaijan State University. In 1976 he defended his dissertation entitled “The research of intrinsic processes in some optimal systems” in the field of “Differential and Integral equations”. He got Ph.D degree in physical and mathematical sciences.

In 2005, he defended his thesis entitled “Necessary conditions for optimality in some of optimal management processes” in the field of “Discrete Mathematics and Mathematical Cybernetics”.

Malikov is a full professor since 19912. He is one of the main expert in the field of  studied optimal control which was created by  Q.T.Ahmadov, associate member of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences.

Malikov suggested new methods to obtain necessary conditions for optimality in described processes with simple equations, integrodifferential equations, Goursat-Darboux and acted equations. His methods give an opportunity for optimality in some problems that were impossible to explore until recently (for example, in processes with neutral type equations) and to obtain necessary optimality conditions similar to Potryaqin’s maximum principle  for some control problems. He published more than 80 articles, 2 textbooks, 3 monographs, and more than 10 inventions and patents. His scientific works were published the leading journals of Russia, US, UK and our contry.

Professor T.Q. Malikov has been the scientific supervisor of several researchers and co-advisor of the doctoral dissertation of one researcher.

In 2002, he was awarded with the “Gold Medal” of the French Association for industry for his achievements in education.

He was a member of the defence council of doctors and candidates of sciences on Discrete Mathematics and Mathematical Cybernetics of Cybernetic Institute of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. The staffs of the Institute congratulate Telman teacher for his 70th anniversary and wishes him the best life, longevity and success in his scientific career.

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