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We celebrate the head of the department of “Functional Analysis”, doctor of phys. math. sci. prof. Hamidulla Aslanov on the occasion of his 70th anniversary!

Hamidulla Israfil oghlu Aslanov was born in 1950 in Shamakhi region in the village of Jayirly. He entered the faculty of «Mechanics – mathematics of Baku State University in 1967, graduated from this University with honors diploma in 1972. He defended his ph. doctor dissertation in 1976 and thesis for a Doctor’s degree in 1996. He is a professor and a specialist in the field of differential operator’s spectral theory. He is the author of more than 165 scientific works. About 25 of his articles were published abroad. He is the author of the books «Ordinary differential equation and mathematical physics equation», «Functions with many groups of variables, curvilinear and surface integral, and the elements of square theory», «İntegral equation, approximate solution ways, Electronic Calculating Machines (ECM) and their use», «The solution of mathematical equations through networks», «Elements of theory of Integral transformations», «Functional analysis», «Functions theory and functional analysis». He was invited to Tabriz University in Iran Islamic Republic to deliver lectures. Over 45 years he has worked of Khankendi Pedagogical University, Azerbaijan Technical University, Baku Maiden University, Baku State University. At present, he is a senior scientific worker in Azerbaijan  National Academy of Mathematical Sciences at the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics. He is a doctor of physical – mathematical sciences, a professor. In 2018 he has been elected a foreign member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

The staff of the Institute congratulates Hamidulla teacher for his 70th anniversary and wishes him the best life, longevity and successes in his scientific career.

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