Azərbaycan Respublikası Elm və Təhsil Nazirliyi
Riyaziyyat və Mexanika İnstitutu

On May 21, 2014, the weekly seminar of the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics was held.

 On May 21, at the institute seminar the collaborator of the Mathematics department of Gebze Technological Institute of Turkey gave a talk on “The inverse scattering problems for a linear system of three-wave interaction and some of their applications”.

 The talk deals with inverse scattering problems on a semi-axis in the case of two incident waves for a first order hyperbolic system consisting of three equations, determination of scattering operators of the axis and semi-axis, finding of a potential in a unique way, reduction of inverse scattering problems to Gelfand-Levitan Marchenko type equations.

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