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100th anniversary of outstanding scientist, humanist, corresponding member of ANAS Goshgar Ahmedov

On October 25 famous scientist, caretaker teacher, humble and humanist man, corresponding member of ANAS Goshgar Ahmedov will be 100.
Goshgar Teymur oglu Ahmadov was born on October 25, 1917 in the village of Soyudlu of the Gadabay region of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
Goshgar Ahmadov received his elementary education in the village of Soyudlu, and the V-VII classes studied in the incomplete middle school in Gedebey settlement. He entered the Baku International Pedagogical Technical School in 1930 and after graduating from the technical school in 1934, he was appointed as a physics and fitting teacher at Khar-khar village at incomplete secondary school in Gadabay District.
After a year of training in the village Goshgar Ahmadov, he studied at the preparatory course at S.M. Kirov Azerbaijan State University (now Baku State University). In 1936, he entered the mathematics division of the Physics-Mathematics faculty of the Azerbaijan State University and Medical Institute. (At that time, it was allowed to study at two institutes).
Goshgar Teymur oglu Ahmadov graduated with honors from the Physics-Mathematics faculty of S.M. Kirov Azerbaijan State University and received a mathematician qualification. After graduating from high school, he took part in the Great Patriotic War in 1941. He graduated from the Military Academy in 1942.
Goshgar Ahmedov was re-admitted to the Azerbaijan State University immediately after being deported from the army in 1946, as well as working as a teacher at the chair of Functions Theory and Algebra, as well as a post graduate student on that chair.
29-year-old Goshgar Ahmadov was appointed deputy dean of Physics-Mathematics faculty in October 1946 by the order of the rector of the university, academician Abdulla Garayev. In September 1947, Goshgar Ahmedov was appointed as the dean of the same faculty.
In those years, he was seriously engaged in research work, along with the university’s and the faculty of Physics and Mathematics organizational works.
After graduating from post-graduate studentship in 1949, on December 8, 1950, at the age of 33, at the Scientific Council of the Azerbaijan State University under the direction of academician Ashraf Isgandar oglu Huseynov, he defended his dissertation on the theme “Investigating some nonlinear integral equations” and gained the academic title of candidate of physico-mathematical sciences (PhD in mathematics).
In 1956-1958 he was a doctorate student at Moscow State University. In 1960 he defended his doctoral dissertation on “Analitic theory of operators and operator-differential equations”.
He has been working at the Azerbaijan State University since 1946. From 1958 till the end of his life he worked as the head of the department of “Differential and Integral Equations” of Mechanics and Mathematics faculty of the University. He worked as dean of the same faculty and secretary of the university party committee in various years. In various years he was Dean of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics and Mechanics and Mathematics. In 1961 he was promoted to the rank of a professor.
Goshgar Ahmadov was elected a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan in 1969. He has lectured for many years on the course “Ordinary Differential Equations”. Since the early 1960s, he has also been involved in the field of “Mathematical Methods for Optimal Control”, which was new to that period. With his direct leadership, the “Optimal Control School” has been established in Azerbaijan. In 1971, Goshgar Ahmedov’s initiative and guidance the Scientific Conference on “Mathematical methods of optimal control was held in Baku”. This conference has led to a high level of development of science in our country. He made great efforts to prepare mathematical cadres for Central Asian republics, has periodically lectured at universities in those countries.
Goshgar Ahmedov was a member of the Mathematical Society of Moscow, Editorial Board of the Scientific Council under the Ministry of Higher Education of the USSR, the Senior Scientific Council of the Azerbaijan State University, Mechanics and Mathematics issue of Azerbaijan A.S., Scientific Works Journal, of the Scientific Council of the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical Institute and the Computing Center of the Azerbaijan State University.
On June 4, 1970 Goshgar Ahmedov was elected as Dean of Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty for the second time.
Under the leadership of Professor Goshgar Ahmedov, dozens of scholars defended their candidate and doctoral dissertations.
He died in 1975 and was buried in the Alley of Honor.
Leadership and staff of the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of ANAS always remember a world-renowned mathematician scientist, a competent scientist, corresponding member of ANAS Goshqar Ahmedov.

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