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We congratulate Nadir Suleymanov on the occasion of his 85-th birthday

Suleymanov Nadir Mammad oglu was born on December 15, 1932 in Rastaja village of Ujar region. In 1951, he finished secondary school in Ujar city and joined the mathematics section of physics-mathematics faculty of Azerbaijan State University and graduated from it with honors in 1956.
In 1959-1962 he was a post-graduate student (supervised by the famoust scientist Georgiy Yevgenyevich Shilov), in 1975-1977 the doctoral student at Moscow State University.
In 1964, he defended ph.d dissertation “Well-posed boundary value problems in a subspace for differential operator equations” (01.01.02) and in 1982 at Lomonosov Moscow State University the doctor dissertation ‘Viman-Valiron-type estimations for evolution equations and some problems of quality theory of differential equations” (01.01.02).
In 1960-1965 at IMM he has worked as a research associate, in 1965-1970 a senior research associate.
In 1970-1984 he has worked as an ass. prof. at the chair of “function theory and functional analysis” of Mechanics-Mathematics faculty at BSU, in 1984-1990 a professor, in 1990-2000 a head of the chair of “Probability Theory”, from 2012 a professor-adviser at the chair of “Functions theory and functional Analysis” at BSU.
Since 2013 prof. N. Suleymanov works as a leading research associate at IMM.
In 2009 by the resolution of the President of the Republic he was awarded the honorable title “The honored teacher”.
In 2012 his monograph “Viman-Valiron type estimation for probability, entire function and evolution equation” was published in Moscow.
He is a specialist in the fields of partial differential equations, functional analysis and probability theory. He has authored more than 80 scientific papers, 2 monographs and one book.
The body of IMM congratulates Nadir muellim on the occasion of his 85-th birthday, wishes him a sound health and new successes in his future scientific activity.

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