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The encyclopedic questionnari book “Azerbaijan Mathematicians” was published

The encyclopedic questionnari book “Azerbaijan Mathematicians” by director of IMM, corr. member of ANAS prof. Misir Mardanov was published in “Elm ve Tehsil” publishing house and consists of 496 pages. The book gives information about 12 academicians, 14 corr. members of ANAS, 177 doctors of sciences, professors.

The scientific editor of the book is rector of “Khazar” University, doctor of physical-mathematical sciences, prof. Hamlet Isakhanli.

The book “Azerbaijan mathematicians” represented to the readers gives biographical information about scientists with services in the development of mathematical science in Azerbaijan form ancient times to the present day. The encyclopedic information about great encyclopedic scientists Nasireddin Tousi that made great contributions to the world science, about predessors and successors of Tousi, about academicians corr. members, doctors of science and prof. of ANAS that laid foundations of mathematics in our country in XX-XXI centuries.

The book was intended for scientists engaged in history of mathematics, teachers, students and wide readership.

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