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Discussed “ANAS National Development Program for 2020-2025”

ANAS Presidium has held a discussion on “ANAS National Development Program for 2020-2025”.

ANAS President, academician Akif Alizadeh informed that, Academy now has a significant increase in its workload.

According to him, following challenge in today’s world, as well as strategic directions of development based on the model of modernization and intellectual development of the republic, the Academy’s activities are aimed at protecting and developing the scientific and technical potential in our country, enriching the economy, protecting the national interests of the people.

Speaking on the modernization of the scientific management system and scientific infrastructure, determining the priorities of scientific research in solving socio-economic, cultural and social problems of the country in accordance with the directions of development of world science, training highly qualified personnel, integrating science and education, implemented as a result of the policy of AR President Ilham Aliyev, that the work done was a great incentive for the development of Azerbaijani science, including ANAS. He stressed the need to prepare the National Development Program of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences for the next five years in order to ensure the comprehensive implementation of the tasks.

Focus based on the above, the meeting adopted the development of the program. A working group was established to ensure the implementation of the document. Also, scientific departments, institutions and organizations of ANAS, relevant departments and divisions of ANAS Presidium were instructed to submit proposals for the program.

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