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In 2018, a joint article of the director of the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of ANAS, corresponding member, professor Misir Mardanov and senior researcher, assistant professor Aynur Hasanova, was published in the 4th issue of the journal “Azerbaijan School”, entitled “How to prepare a scientific article for publication in reputable journals”

In our days, an important part of the information space is occupied by scientific-technical information and information about papers published in prestigious scientific journals. At the time of information century, the global recognition of the scientific results of each researcher and their acceptance by the academic community has become one of the key requirements of our time. It should be noted that the actuality of failure of publication of scientific papers of the researchers of our country in leading editions of the world is connected with the existence of gaps in this field.

Clearly, thousands of journals are now being published in the world and influential scientists follow only the ones published in well-known scientific bases. Such bases firstly include the international scientific-database such as Web of Science that follows and evaluates over ten thousands journals and Scopus that follows and evaluates thirty thousand journals. The publication of scientific papers in the journals included in this scientific data bases in one of the key factors determining the level of the authors of the papers as well as of the institutes and universities where they work, scientific reputation of their country, and finally the level of development of the country.

In some cases failure of acceptance of the submitted papers in high-indexed editions comes from our lack in preparation and submission of valuable results in highest standards and in the lack of experience in this field. In view of these problems, the given paper presents the problems in the publication of scientific results in the authoritative scientific journals, the related problems, the elaboration of the manuscript, the submission of the paper and the main points that the researcher should pay attention when selecting a scientific journal. The existence of certain requirements for scientific publications and the high quality of the research work according to modern standards and requirements in the laconic and in the full-fledged form is available to the attention of the readers.

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