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On October 2, 2019 at 1400 the director of the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of ANAS correspondent member of ANAS, Professor Misir Mardanov held a meeting with the members of the Scientific Council

Two important issues were discussed at the meeting.

  1. Decision of the Presidium of ANAS No. 13/2 of September 25, 2019 on the preparation of the “National Development Program of the ANAS for 2020-2025”.
  2. The decision of the Presidium of ANAS No. 13/3 of September 25, 2019 on the report on the results of scientific-research works of ANAS in the scientific results of 2019.

The first issue. The development of science in the Republic of Azerbaijan is one of the main priorities of state policy. The future, economic, political and military power of the state is directly related to its scientific potential. The country’s sustainable development strategy, as well as the global economic challenges in the modern world, make it necessary to develop Azerbaijan on the intellectual basis. Therefore, complex measures are being taken to develop science in the Republic. Currently, for modernization of the control system and scientific infrastructure in the field of science, determination of the priorities of scientific research in addressing the socio-economic, cultural and social problems of the country, the development directions of world science, improvement of scientific research facilities and holistic training, Important measures are being taken to improve the social security of workers, to strengthen the regulatory framework and information support of science, to integrate Azerbaijani science into the international scientific community.

Based on the strategic directions of development of the republic based on the model of modernization and intellectual development, the ANAS faces new tasks. Thus, in the electronic information environment, new social, demographic, political, and economic relations have emerged that are different from previous periods. This, in turn, will strengthen the innovative activity, further expansion of international scientific relations, the establishment of the scientific and technical base of science at the level of modern standards, redefining the priority scientific directions, particularly artificial intelligence systems, nuclear physics, nanotechnology, information technology, mathematical modeling, molecular biology, biomedical engineering, biomedicine it requires the expansion of fundamental and applied research in modern scientific directions, and the identification of more effective models of integration between science and education.

In this regard, the heads of departments are instructed to submit their proposals to the Scientific Secretary of the Institute, Associate Professor Tamilla Hasanova on 08 October 2019, in order to prepare the “National Development Program of the ANAS for 2020-2025”. Discussion of proposals will be held on October 9, 2019 at 1100.

The second issue as is stated in the Decision on the results of research activities of ANAS in 2019, reports of departments and laboratories should be discussed in the Academic Council by November 5, the reports on important scientific-organizational activity of the Institute till November 15, must be submitted to the Division by November 20, 2019.

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