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Happy November 8 Victory Day!

Today is the third anniversary of the Karabakh Victory, written in golden letters in the centuries-old history of Azerbaijan. As we know, on September 27, 2020, in response to the next provocative military aggression of Armenia, the victorious Azerbaijan Army launched a counter-offensive operation by the order of the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Thanks to the head of the country’s determination, far-sighted political will, bravery of our brave army, and the unity of our people, the Second Karabakh War resulted in the absolute victory of Azerbaijan in the military and political arena. Our ancient and eternal lands, which have been under occupation for many years, were liberated from the enemy, and the people’s longing for their homeland ended in 44 days.

One of the most glorious pages of the Patriotic War, which was engraved in the world military history as an unprecedented victory, was the liberation of the city of Shusha, which is considered the pearl of Karabakh, from slavery. The complete victory of Azerbaijan, which defeated the enemy forces on the battlefield, was the return of the occupied regions of Aghdam, Kalbajar and Lachin without a fight as a result of the political will of the head of the country. This Victory Chronicle, at the same time, demonstrated the military and economic power of Azerbaijan to the whole world as the embodiment of the President-People unity.

During the last three years, in the direction of the return of our people to their native lands, large-scale restoration and construction works were carried out under the leadership of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev, historical monuments that were destroyed were revived, and high-tech infrastructure facilities that meet the requirements of the modern era were put into use. Health centers, sports complexes, schools and kindergartens were built in the liberated areas to ensure life activities. Airports, power stations and other important facilities were built in a short time, and the transport infrastructure was restored in order to ensure comfortable travel to our native land. Currently, the practical measures implemented in Karabakh and East Zangezur economic region are aimed at strengthening Azerbaijan’s position in the region and expanding international partnership.

Despite the fact that nearly three years have passed since the war, the Armenian leadership refuses to fulfill the tripartite declaration and resorted to various military and political provocations. The concept of sovereignty and territorial integrity of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, who never stopped the work he started and showed the best examples of “what, when and how” throughout his activity, was never limited by the results of the war, the policy implemented during the next 3 years and all that was done the work was a continuation of the process and reached its logical conclusion on September 20, 2023. Despite all the pressures and threats, President Ilham Aliyev with foresight, pragmatism, showed uncompromising principles and strong will brought closer the day when the national flag of Azerbaijan will be hung in Khankend. As a result of the anti-terrorist measures that started on September 19, 2023 and lasted only 23 hours and 51 minutes, the units of the Armenian armed forces surrendered, and the existence of the separatist regime was ended. The raising of the Azerbaijani flag in Khankendi on October 15 was another brilliant victory, equal to the 44-day war and November 8 Victory Day, due to its historical importance. This Victory means the realization of our hopes not only in the last 30 years, but for two centuries, and the self-affirmation of our national existence, of each of us, of future generations. The victory is the brightest page in the history of our independence. The Great Victory is the result of many years of preparatory work, as well as steps taken in the direction of increasing the power of the state. Effective policy, people’s support and historical justice turned Azerbaijan into a victorious country. The restoration of our territorial integrity is the masterpiece of President Ilham Aliyev’s policy. The people’s trust and respect for the President, who wrote a victory page in the history of Azerbaijan, is endless.

Happy Victory Day!

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