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We congratulate Geylani Panahov, the head of the department of fluid and gas mechanics, corresponding-member of ANAS on the 65th anniversary!

Head of the Department of Fluid and Gas Mechanics of the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, Corresponding Member of ANAS Geylani Panahov is 65.

Born in Anikh village of Gusar region, Geylani Panahov graduated from the Azerbaijan State Oil and Chemical Institute by specialty of “Mining Engineer”, worked in the Dagestan Geological Expedition, and then worked as a senior engineer at the Institute for Security Technology in Ukraine. In 1979-1988, he worked as junior researcher and chief res.ass. at the Azerbaijan Institute of Oil and Chemistry. In 1986 he defended his philosophy doctor thesis, in 1996 – doctoral dissertation and in 2014 he was selected a corresponding member of ANAS.

From 1988 he has worked as a Senior Research Associate in the Department of Nonlinear Mechanics of Oil and Gas at the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, in 1999-2002 as Head of the Laboratory of Physical Mechanical Processes in Fluid and Gas Flows, from 2002 the head of Fluid and Gas Mechanics Department.

Geylani Panahov was also engaged in pedagogical activity, from 1996-2002 he worked as a professor at the Azerbaijan Oil Academy and gave lectures on a number of subjects.

Corresponding member of ANAS Geylani Panahov is the author of about two hundred scientific articles, 55 of which have received patents of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Azerbaijan, and a true foreign member of the Russian Academy of Inventions and the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

For his achievements in the field of science, he was awarded an honorary silver medal named after Academician V. Vernadski, Honorary Badge of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Honorary Decree of the Academy of Sciences, and a Silver Medal named after Academician Azad Mirzajanzade.

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